We are specialists in the strategic and graphic development of brands.

“To us, it is important. Our involvement in the project is always there. In all of them. We would be unable to do it any other way, because we wouldn’t be genuine.” Sergi Miquel

What we can do to help you:

“The liquid society in which we are living constantly evolves at an increasingly faster pace. Therefore, differentiating ourselves, being remembered, becomes a vital backbone that obliges us to set up relations of trust that would not be possible if we didn’t do it in a very personal way.” Àlex Miquel

The definition of the name, the positioning, the creation of visual systems, the graphic design, editorial or digital environments are our main assets and are used by our clients to build long-lasting relations with their users.

Giving an edge to our clients:

“We help to make brands that are differentiated, remembered, so that they go from client acquisition to setting up conversations. In Los Angeles, Barcelona, Zürich or Seoul. In digital environments, from designing movement or in an exhibition.” Jaume Mora

This phrase says a lot about what we do: brand strategy means we sow the seeds for relationships based on trust, we learn from our clients establishing complicity, meaning that our link with them is long and becomes strategic. We thereby harvest the success of the projects together.


“Opisso is a story of cooperation in which everyone passionately enjoys innovation, creativity and art. Therefore, we are unable to participate in projects without giving everything we have, in a personal way, constructing the team.” Sergi Opisso

Àlex Miquel: Red / The Mapaus / Sitges Film Festival / Les Luthiers / Gimbli Studio / Piano / Waves & Dolphins / Oriental food / Nyman & Glass & Wenders

Sergi Opisso: Black / Aurelie Nemours / Manchester / Totoro / Ponyboys / Buckminster Fuller / Clerks / Maria-Mercè Marçal / Poison Ivy / Lavaca / Otl Aicher / “The Living End”, JAMC

Sergi Miquel: Black / Lucky man / George Lackoff / Sports / 1Q84 – Haruki Murakami / The west wing / Family & travel / Wolf / Hexagon / “The Wall”, Pink Floyd

Jaume Mora: Blue / The Godfather Trilogy / Creativity / Videography / Photography / Family / Polygon / “Maggie May” Rod Stewart / “The Chain” Fleetwood Mac / Spotify 70s & 80s

Laura Estragués: Red / Flic-Flac / Vallvidrera & Gràcia / Photography / Family & Friends / Les petites coses / Jan & Bruna / Stories of life / Contemporary dance / Bach, Violin Concerto No.2

Alex Monés: White / Jackson Pollock / Concept / Sea / Painting / Piano / Abstract / Architecture / Silence / Sensitivity / Cafe racer / Loneliness / Apocalypse Now / Love / Ella fitzgerald / George Winston

Vane Badia: Black / Vonnegut Northern Exposure / Palahniuk / Lounge act / The dude / Mulder & Scully / Ubik — Here comes the summer / Yeti / Coffe / “Paranoid Android” Radiohead 

Noe Martínez: Black / Oteiza / Cildo Meireles / Banksy / Efimera / Sweet Home / Wood / Cru / Circle / Portugal. The Man – “Feel It Still”


Opisso Barcelona
Gran de Gràcia 75, àtic. 08012 Barcelona
(+34) 934 884 359

Opisso Los Angeles
4837 Dunman Ave, LA, CA 91364
(+1) 917 445 2223

Opisso Altafulla
Marquès de Tamarit 22. 43893 Altafulla
(+34) 977 652 387


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