The magic numbers

The law firm lead by both attorneys and economists Marco Legal is going through a phase of innovation and growth. They have expressed their need for a makeover of their verbal and visual identity that reinforces both their positioning and their strategy for the future. That may also include the possibility of a change in the name of the firm.

This particular challenge includes on top of the usual issues the following requirements: it has to be legible in different languages and does not have to include the names of the partners to both facilitate the growth of the firm and strengthen the employer brand so employees identify with the brand on a deeper level.

The birth of 453 Law firm, a memorable and up to date brand that represents a strong and innovative company that uses a simple graphic system and makes the most delicate of decisions on materials and finishing touches that makes the brand easily identifiable and memorable not just in their sector but also to their clients.

Brand Strategy / Corporate Identity / Digital / Naming