Delafé y las Flores Azules

I saw you dance

For 18 months, we worked with the group to create the visual identity of two of their most emblematic albums.

For De mí sin ti (From Me Without You), the group needed a change of identity. With this new disc they had a change of style and producer. A more introspective, more adult disk. They needed a visual system to make several features coordinated.

We created a graphics system using basic shapes, a typeface and colours. With these three features, we generated pieces (merchandising, promotional, new singles, etc.) all using the same visual language. A new ephemeral identity for a long-lasting project.

Estonosepara: We created the artwork for the double album celebrating ten years of Delafé y las Flores Azules. We looked for graphic elements that would represent the album title’s interesting play on words: Esto no se para (This doesn’t Stop) and Esto nos separa (This Separates Us). These elements enabled us to generate a system that they will utilise in all their communication.

Art Direction / Graphic Identity / Packaging