Knowledge through web semantics

Didactalia is the main educational resource portal in Spanish targeted at teachers, families and students. The only education project in Spain created using a Web Semantic approach, with great national and international repercussion. A change of strategy for the company and the appearance of payment features mean they need a change of identity.

Didactalia needs an identity that transmits the innovation in which the education sector is immersed, a brand linked to the education environment but one that is far removed from a school or childlike look.

With the help of Joancarles Casasin, we designed a typeface just for them, which is responsive and single-spaced to generate the identity and the entire graphic system. With this typeface and an exhaustive Brand Book from the Didactalia design books, they can generate different pieces of simple communication, which was one of the requirements of the project.

The viewing of the brand itself is also dynamic and variable, it works horizontally and separated by syllables, thereby creating a brand that brings to mind mathematical operations on the one hand (with the features in rows and columns) and, with the Slash, on the other hand, the graphic representation of phonemes.

Art Direction / Brand Strategy / Corporate Identity / Digital