Enjoy your travel

Ulyseo was the new brand that Globalia wanted to launch onto the market in 2016. The aim was to become the main platform to offer package holidays at a Spanish level and obviously, to be the leader and a benchmark in the travel portal sector.

The proposition, as a project in a sector with the largest levels of saturation and competition on the Internet, was complex.

In the naming area, they asked for the name to be short, easy, recognisable, identifiable with the product and with the free domains, it also had to be international.

In the visual area, it needed to be an up-to-date brand, with meaning, responsive and clearly separated from the other Globalia brands.

For the visual development of the brand, we worked on the concept of movement as a common pillar to all the journeys. And from this concept: movement from one place to another, the lettering of Ulyseo that forms a journey was created. This enabled us to create a visual system that was very rich in shapes and formats that, along with the use of a group of saturated colours, help to give the brand a big personality.

Brand Strategy / Corporate Identity / Naming